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A copyright is the protection provided to an original expression. Works such as books, paintings, photographs, plays, performances, music and other forms of art all may attract copyright protection. Computer software and websites also fall under copyright protection.

At Cameron IP, we assist individuals and businesses with all of their intellectual property needs, including copyright protection in Canada, the United States and around the world through our network of foreign associates. We take a direct, personal approach, always with a focus on prompt, friendly communication and cost-effective service.

Copyright Registration

There are two kinds of copyright protection:

  1. Unregistered copyright: Automatically attaches to the work and the creator takes no further action to protect it
  2. Registered copyright: Obtained by preparing and filing a submission to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office or United States copyright office.

The best way of protecting a work is through registration of the copyright. There are a number of advantages to this approach:

  • A greater chance of obtaining damages against future infringers is provided to an owner whose work is registered.
  • Criminal proceedings sometimes can be brought in Canada against infringers by owners of works that have registered copyright protection.
  • Registration of a copyrighted work makes it easier to succeed in a court of law against future infringers because registration is evidence that copyright exists. Registration is evidence that the person listed with the registered work is the owner, absent credible evidence to the contrary.

Protecting a Copyright in Other Countries

Generally a separate copyright application is required in each country where protection is desired. Canadian copyright owners should seriously consider registration of their copyrighted works in the United States.

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