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A trademark is a word or design used by a business to distinguish its goods or services from those of its competitors. A properly registered trademark provides the registrant with the exclusive right to use the trademark in association with the goods or services specified in the registration. It is important to register your trademark to protect its use and to build brand recognition, helping your customers to identify your products or services.

The professionals at Cameron IP have extensive experience in the preparation, filing and prosecution of trademarks in Canada and throughout the world. Our services also include preparing and reviewing trademark licenses, and representing clients in trademark opposition and expungement proceedings.

Choosing and Registering Your Trademark

There are two common types of trademarks. Word marks are words, letters, numbers or combinations of them. Design marks are words written in a special style such as the well-known cola trademark, pure designs without words such as the star used by a luxury auto manufacturer, or a combination of words and designs. The trademark must not be clearly descriptive of the goods or services it identifies. The assistance of an experienced trademark agent is usually needed to decide whether a trademark is clearly descriptive or not. To learn more about choosing a trademark and the registration process in Canada, visit our trademark FAQs.

After you have searched and chosen a word or design to identify your goods or services, you can apply to register it in the country or countries in which you plan to use it. At Cameron IP, we will require certain information to complete your trademark application, including information on whether the trademark has been used and for how long. In Canada a trademark must be used somewhere before the registration process is completed.

There is always a risk that someone else will claim prior rights to a trademark after an application is filed or after use has started. It is important to contact a lawyer or patent agent to take steps toward protecting your trademark.

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