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A patent is a legal document that describes an invention in words and drawings. A patent also includes claims which define the protection the patent gives to the invention. At Cameron IP, we help inventors, entrepreneurs and companies protect their inventions in Canada and the U.S. through patent registration. Through our foreign associate network, we frequently secure the protection of inventions on a global scale.

Our firm offers experienced lawyers and patent agents who assist clients worldwide in drafting and prosecuting patent applications. Should you require representation to enforce your intellectual property rights or for licensing patents, we are also well prepared to assist you. We offer comprehensive services in all areas of intellectual property protection in Canada.

The Exclusive Right to Make, Use or Sell an Invention

A patent is the exclusive right to make, use or sell an invention granted by the government to an inventor, or someone who gets the right to an invention from the inventor. In return for getting the exclusive right, the inventor reveals details of the invention to the public. An invention is patentable only if it is new, useful and non-obvious and falls within the definition of a patentable invention.

A patent protects functional or utilitarian aspects of an apparatus, for example:

  • Machines
  • Tools
  • Some computer programs
  • A process (e.g. pulp making, food processing)
  • A composition of matter (e.g. insecticides, drugs, concrete)

At Cameron IP, we can help you determine what patentable category your invention falls into.

Information Required to File Your Patent Application in Canada

There are several important pieces of information our Canadian lawyers and patent agents will require to file your patent application. Please send us a written description of the invention, including drawings, if available, and be sure to highlight what you think is new about the invention. For more information about patent applications, we welcome you to review our answers to patent FAQs.

It is important to keep the invention secret until you have spoken with a lawyer or agent about obtaining a patent. We will give you an evaluation of the invention from a patent point of view, usually by indicating whether or not a patent search is justified.

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