Canada IP Filings: Lawyers and Agents Serving Foreign Associates

Cameron IP regularly handles Canadian intellectual property filings and other matters for attorneys and agents in other countries. From individual patent applications to ongoing comprehensive intellectual property services, our lawyers and agents can address all of your intellectual property needs in Canada, from the most simplistic to the extremely complex.

The firm conducts work for a number of American, British and German patent and trademark firms, and we have served associates around the world, including agents in Australia, South Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Sweden and other countries outside of Canada.

The cost of associate services can be a crucial factor in deciding which foreign firm to hire. At Cameron IP, we offer advance cost estimates, and it is the firm's policy to adhere to each estimate as closely as possible. We believe our rates are extremely competitive, and we work with each of our associates to come to a fair price.

Services for Foreign Associates

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Cameron IP offers more than 30 years of experience in Canadian intellectual property law. Our associates in other countries benefit from our long record of service, our established relationships and our efficient methods. With a focus on efficiency, professionalism and cost sensitivity, we strive to be a top choice for foreign associates seeking intellectual property advice and guidance in Canada.

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For assistance with a Canada IP filing, call our lawyers at Cameron IP at 778-724-1699 or contact us online for a prompt response.