Vancouver Trademark Lawyers and Agents: Information for Associates

We offer the following information regarding trademark filings in Canada in response to questions frequently asked by our foreign associates:

  • What is the timeframe for approval of a Canada trademark application?
    A trademark application typically takes between 12 to 18 months to be allowed.
  • Does Canada have a classification system for trademarks?
    Canada does not have an official class fee system. The cost to prepare and file a Canadian trademark application is the same regardless of the number of classes the trademark may fall under.
  • Is a power of attorney required?
    No formal papers or powers of attorney are required for our firm to file your trademark applications in Canada.
  • What forms, legalizations or notarizations are required?
    No form, legalization or notarization signed by the applicant is required for a trademark application according to Canadian practice.
  • Is Canada part of the Madrid Protocol?
    Canada is not part of the Madrid Protocol treaty. If you need protection for a trademark in Canada, you must file in Canada.
  • When are trademark renewal fees due?
    To maintain a Canadian trademark registration, the owner must pay a renewal fee every 15 years.

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