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An experienced intellectual property firm, Cameron IP handles all matters related to the preparation, filing and prosecution of trademarks in Canada. We enjoy assisting foreign lawyers and agents seeking intellectual property representation in Canada, and we have many long-term clients. We have served several of our clients for more than 20 years. Our mission is to provide trademark services at a reasonable cost and in an efficient, user-friendly manner.

If you are seeking representation in Canada, our lawyers and agents are well prepared to assist you. We are deeply familiar with the documents, deadlines and processes for filing trademark applications in Canada. Our additional associate services in the areas of patent, industrial design and copyright applications allow us to provide associates with comprehensive representation for all their intellectual property needs.

Canada Trademark Services for Foreign Associates

There are several bases for filing trademark applications in Canada:

  1. Proposed use in Canada — the trademark is not currently being used in Canada or anywhere else globally.
  2. Registration and use abroad — there is a current trademark application or registration in another country, and the trademark is being used in a country outside Canada.
  3. Use in Canada — where the trademark is already being used on goods sold in Canada or services offered in Canada. This is the preferred basis for filing. The application cannot be amended after filing to claim use in Canada.

For Canadian trademark applications, we will require specific information regarding the particulars of the applicant, and:

  • Details of the goods and services for the trademark
  • Information on the trademark's use in Canada, including the date of first use for each of the goods and services if we are to file on the basis of use in Canada

  • Information on whether the trademark has been used in the U.S. or other countries and, if so, on which goods or services
  • Information on any corresponding foreign applications or registrations

At Cameron IP, we have a general same-day filing policy for trademark applications. However, we must have all of the information above in order to file an application in a timely manner. The cost to prepare and file a Canadian trademark application is the same regardless of the number of classes, as Canada does not have an official fee class system. To review more information about filing trademark applications in Canada, review our trademark FAQs for associates.

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