Patent Prosecution Highway: Canada

Cameron IP is experienced in handling Canadian patent filings for associates located in countries that have Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) agreements with Canada. While the PPH is a fast-track, simplified process for obtaining a Canadian patent for an invention, it is important to hire a lawyer, agent or firm with experience filing for patent applications through this specific process.

At Cameron IP in Vancouver, we offer a range of intellectual property services to foreign associates across the globe, including countries with PPH agreements with Canada. Visit the Canadian Intellectual Property Office's website to review all countries that have Patent Prosecution Highway agreements with Canada.

We focus on providing efficient, straightforward and cost-effective legal services, with an emphasis on prompt communication.

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

The Patent Prosecution Highway provides for accelerated examination of Canadian patent applications where a patent claim has been allowed in a participating country, at no extra government fee for the accelerated service.

For United States applicants, accelerated examination can be requested under the PPH for applications where there is a corresponding United States application with at least one claim allowed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The claims on file in Canada must generally correspond to claims allowed in the United States or be amended to correspond.

United States attorneys typically contact our firm for assistance with filing in Canada through the Patent Prosecution Highway.

International Patent Protection: Contact Our Lawyers and Agents

For more information about the Patent Prosecution Highway in Canada, call our lawyers and agents at Cameron IP at 778-724-1699 or contact us online for a prompt response.

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