Canada Patent Lawyers and Agents: Information for Associates

We offer the following information regarding patent applications in Canada in response to questions frequently asked by our foreign associates:

  • Is it necessary to file prior art in Canada?
    There is generally no prior art filing required in Canada, unless the Patent Office requests this. However, at Cameron IP, we recommend filing known art as this will likely expedite the application process.

  • What is the deadline for filing a patent application in Canada?
    The deadline for filing a patent in Canada is one year from making the invention available to the public anywhere, for both direct filings and for filing the international phase of a PCT application. Priority claims do not extend this. The deadline for filing the Canadian National Phase of a PCT application is 30 months from the earliest priority date. We can also file up to 42 months from the earliest priority upon payment of a surcharge.
  • What maintenance fees are payable in Canada? Maintenance fees are payable to the patent office annually, commencing two years after the original Canadian filing date or the PCT international filing date for PCT applications.
  • Is a power of attorney required?
    No formal papers or powers of attorney are required for our firm to file your patent applications in Canada.
  • How are excess claims and claims with multiple dependencies handled?
    You will not be required to pay extra for excess claims or claims with multiple dependencies, and you can file as many claims as you desire.
  • Do you handle patent applications through the Patent Prosecution Highway?
    Our firm is experienced in pursuing patents through the Patent Prosecution Highway. Please review our page on this topic for more information.
  • What is the request for examination process in Canada?
    You may file a patent application in Canada without asking the patent office to examine it. However, you must request an examination within five years of the filing date. An examination fee will be payable at this time.

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