Agents and Lawyers Handling Canadian Patent Filings

Cameron IP handles all matters related to the preparation, filing and prosecution of patents in Canada, and we frequently assist foreign associates. If you are seeking representation in Canada, our lawyers and agents are well prepared to assist you. With more than three decades of experience in Canadian intellectual property, we are deeply familiar with the documents, deadlines and processes for filing patent applications in Canada.

Our emphasis on reasonable costs, efficient work and user-friendly service has led to many long-term relationships with our foreign associates — some clients have been with us for more than 20 years.

Canada Patent Services for Foreign Associates

Patent applications in Canada may be filed within one year of making an invention public in any manner (regardless of a U.S. filing date/priority date). Substantive examination must be requested separately and may be deferred for five years after the filing date.

Cameron IP addresses the patent needs of our associates in two areas:

1. Direct Canada patent filings that correspond with foreign patent applications

For direct patent filings, our lawyers will need the following information:

  • A copy of the application (specification) and drawings
  • The identity and address of the applicant(s) (inventor(s) or company
  • The name and address of each inventor
  • The manner in which the applicant acquired ownership of the invention and rights to the patent, as well as a copy of the assignment if this is to be recorded

If all inventors are employees of the applicant, this information is sufficient if the invention was done in the course of their employment. It is no longer necessary to file an assignment in Canada if this is how the applicant obtained title to the invention. However, we recommend filing the assignment.

2. Patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

For clients seeking patent filings in Canada, our firm will require the same information listed above translated into English in order to file. The deadline for entering the Canadian National phase is 30 months from the earliest priority claimed, although the application can be filed within 42 months by paying an extra fee to the patent office.

Please explore our information on the Patent Prosecution Highway and patent FAQs for associates to learn more about the patent application process in Canada.

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