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We offer the following information regarding industrial design applications in Canada in response to questions frequently asked by our foreign associates:

  • What is an industrial design?
    Industrial designs are essentially the same as design patents in the U.S. An industrial design protects the shape, appearance or ornamentation of a manufactured item.
  • Is there a grace period for filing a design application?
    There is a one-year grace period. A design application may be filed up to one year after the item is made public.
  • What is the priority period for industrial designs?
    The priority period is six months from the earliest filed application in another country.
  • What forms, legalizations or notarizations are required?
    No form, legalization or notarization signed by the applicant is required for a Canadian industrial design application.
  • When will the application be examined?
    Industrial design applications are automatically examined during the application process in Canada.
  • What is the term of protection for industrial designs?
    Canadian registered industrial designs are protected for 10 years from the registration date.
  • What are the maintenance fees for industrial designs?
    In Canada, a one-time maintenance fee is paid five years after the industrial design registration date.

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