Canada Industrial Design/Design Patent Lawyers

Cameron IP regularly handles Canadian industrial design filings and other matters for associates in other countries. Designs protect the shape, appearance or ornamentation of manufactured articles. In Canada, this form of protection is called an industrial design registration, while in the United States, it is known as a design patent. In Canada, an industrial design registration only protects the appearance of an article and not its functionality.

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Canadian Industrial Design Applications

To prepare and file a Canadian industrial design application, our firm will require:

  • The applicant's name and address
  • A description of the article and design elements
  • Drawings or photographs of the design
  • Information on any corresponding foreign applications on which we are to claim priority

Industrial design applications are often rejected on basis of the quality of the drawings provided. If we can submit high quality drawings right away, it can significantly expedite the registration process. We are able to prepare formal drawings if required. For further information regarding the industrial design application process in Canada, review our industrial design FAQs for associates.

Vancouver Lawyers Handling Industrial Design Filings

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